Oil Paintings by Vicki Ingham

I paint different subjects for different reasons.

Landscapes in Italy, Iowa, and South Dakota: I look for the same elements in Iowa and Italy--harmonious, interweaving land forms and golden light with cool, long shadows--the golden hour, magic light. South Dakota has introduced some fascinating formations of an entirely different character, with great contrasts of light and dark.

Still life: "Portraits" of fruit and objects as a means of playing with techniques and colors and an exercise in really looking closely at things.

Figures: From time to time I do self-portraits or use my family as models, placing us in another era through vintage clothing or backdrops that allude to Italian Renaissance painting. I'm not really thinking about deep meaning, it's just something I need to do.

To purchase paintings using Paypal, please contact me. Paintings are available for corporate rentals in the Des Moines, Iowa, area. Please contact me for more information at ingham.vicki@gmail.com

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